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Angel-in-Your-Pocket Journal


As you move forward with your journey in life, use this journal as a way to capture your feelings or deep emotions from the death of a loved one or from other challenging experiences in life. Record the occurrences that may be your loved one reaching out to you. Write letters to your loved one on the other side. Capture your dreams. Have your journal handy for those times when you wake up in the middle of the night with a potential message from your dreams – write it down. Do the same in the morning after you’ve dreamt all night and received lots of messages. The dreams may not make sense when you wake up, but record them anyway. You will understand it one day. Use your journal as a way to capture what you feel or see that is noteworthy. There are lots of experiences in life that we tend to think are coincidences. However, making use of your angel journal will certainly give you different perspectives, even possibly revealing the ‘evidence’ that your loved one does ‘live on.’ By logging these happenings, dates, dreams, and the like, you will catch sight of the evidence of angelic support all around you. Through this practice, you’ll see a marked increase in your awareness and find yourself opening up to a profound world of two-way communication with your loved one who has transitioned to the other side.

Enjoy inspirational quotes throughout the Angel-in-Your-Pocket journal as well! Be inspired to capture your experiences and moments in life!!