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Turn Your Pain Into Peace Audio Book - 3 CD Audio Set




This 3-hour audio will help you understand how to turn your pain, from the death of a loved one or from any challenging situation in life, into a positive, healing energy to live the most spiritually fulfilled life possible.

You will walk away with new ideas and new perspectives on death, the grieving process, spirituality, spiritual connections with your loved ones on the other side, after-death-communication experiences, and ultimately how to live life to the fullest based on what you truly desire deep within your heart and soul.

You will be empowered with Ten Core Fundamentals to help you more easily deal with and work through any experience or situation in life. You will also be provided with the Ten Core Fundamentals “Pocket Guide” that captures important points and exercises for each fundamental, with an area to write your own notes. This booklet can be “carried with you” as you work to shift your consciousness, be more spiritual and ultimately bring more peace, love, joy and fulfillment into your life.

This audio package is a 3-disc set for your CD/DVD player or radio.

 Click here to listen to a sampling of
the audio for the core fundamental, Love!