Isn’t it Amazing How Our Loved Ones on the Other Side are Reaching Out to the World?!

It’s a love / hate relationship for me…reality shows on TV have gotten a little out of control, but I must admit I enjoy watching a few here and there. One is the Bachelor / Bachelorette. I am not sure why exactly, but it catches my interest. Maybe because it makes me laugh at the silly / crazy things that occur on the show. Nonetheless, there was something very special and powerful about this last episode of Bachelorette. One of the two final men, Chris, had shared his story where he poured his heart out about the death of his Mom, which had occurred in the last two years. Time and time again when Chris and the bachelorette, Ali, were together, he spoke of his Mom, the wonderful relationship they had, and the fact that he had quit work to help his Dad take care of his Mom when she was ill. He talked about family values and the qualities of family relationships. Overall, he came across on the show as a very genuine, great guy.

As Chris shared the story of losing his Mom, he also mentioned that right before his Mom passed away she told him to look for her in rainbows; that she would come to him through them. Well, poor Chris was the one to be let go by Ali on the last show. Ali had chosen the other guy. Chris’ heart was broken, of course.

Now, here is the wonderful thing about this story. Not five minutes after Ali let him go, he stepped outside while in Tahiti and what did he see when he looked up at the sky…a rainbow!! He saw an absolute perfect, beautiful, full rainbow!! He was in awe. As he cried and smiled, he couldn’t believe his eyes because it had not rained at all that day. All that he could do was shake his head in pure amazement and look up to the sky to his Mom. Ali had also seen the rainbow as she walked back to her hut. She, too, cried and smiled, completely astonished. As she looked at the rainbow, she remembered what Chris had said about his Mom coming to him through this sign. She was so thankful that Chris’ Mom was there to help him through this trying time, as was Chris. The best part about this is the host of Bachelorette brought up this phenomenon with the rainbow and how touching it was during the “After the Final Rose” show. He even mentioned how everyone, affiliated with the production of the show, acknowledged the rainbow and its connection between Chris and his Mom, and how amazing it was.

Pretty powerful, right?! Or are you wondering why it is so powerful? Well, allow me to share my thoughts on why I think this is incredible, remarkable and a beautiful gift to all of us!!

How many guys do you know that will spill their guts about the death of a loved one during the first couple of meetings with a person? How many guys show their emotions after dating for a while, let alone shortly after meeting someone? I would say “not many.” Well, Chris didn’t fear telling the story of his Mom passing; he didn’t hold back even though he knew he’d get very emotional; AND, the best part about it is, he did all of this on national television!! By sharing such an emotional, deep experience with Ali, he remained close to his Mom in his own way. He opened himself up to receive a sign from his Mom, even though he didn’t realize a sign was coming (no one knew).

My point is, many of us experience some sort of connection with our loved ones who pass on, but we are all going to see and hear more and more of “connecting or communicating with loved ones on the other side” (on our own) from a more global perspective (if you will). The reason for this is because the world has to change; the world has to improve; something’s gotta give! What better way to bring a little hope, faith, strength, love and a touch to our hearts than to have something as powerful as connecting to a loved one on the other side for millions of viewers to see on national television?!! All that I can say is “WOW! THANK YOU GOD, YOUR ANGELS AND ALL OF OUR LOVED ONES ON THE OTHER SIDE” for reaching out to the world in ways such as this. The impact is huge! It is time for all of us to realize just how powerful, beautiful and inspiring it is to connect and communicate with our loved ones on the other side. I can guarantee you that Chris found the strength he needed to mend his heart after being let go by Ali, and he found and received it from his Mom — his Mom who is of the spiritual body!

My dear friends, this is what I call divine intervention! This is what I call a miracle for the world! This is what I call validation that connecting and communicating with our loved ones on the other side is indeed what we should be doing; that it is okay; that it is a way for us to receive strength, love, support, comfort, peace, faith, happiness, inspiration….you name it…..from above!!! WOW!

What else can I say?! I just love it! Enjoy reaching out to your loved ones and being inspired to do whatever it is that you desire in life!! God bless you all!

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