Connecting to Deceased Loved Ones

Do you want more than just one or two “rock star moments?”

Thousands of people, most likely more, across the world have experienced some type of occurrence with a deceased loved one.  These occurrences are known as after-death-communications.  An after-death-communication (ADC) is when your loved one comes to you or contacts you in some manner typically shortly after they have passed on.   These experiences are what I call “rock star” moments where your loved one appears to you in person; he/she may visit you in your dreams; and/or he/she may perform something physical like moving an object or flickering lights.  These occurrences are undeniably an encounter from a loved one on the other side.  In nearly all cases, when it occurs, you will also experience a feeling of peace, comfort and love – a feeling that is so remarkably beautiful you really can’t put it in to words.  The ADCs or rock star moments happen because our loved ones want us to know that they are doing better than fine; they are still close by (in spirit); and they are here for us if we need them.  These experiences can provide us a beautiful feeling of love and peace when we need it.  And most importantly, our rock star moments can indeed provide us the healing we need to move forward with our life. 

This is all fine and good – but what about those people who experience a rock star moment (RSM) and are longing for more of the same?  What about those that have a RSM that isn’t up to par with what they were hoping for?  And what about those who don’t even get a RSM?  These are all very valid and real questions.  So let me do my best to address each one.

For those of you who have experienced a rock star moment (or two, or three), you tend to look for and want nothing but the same type of experiences in the future.  Hey, I can’t blame you – I feel the same way.  Who wouldn’t?!   These RSMs are so fantastic and so beautiful that you crave more – rightfully so.  I’d like for you to know that the RSMs will occur when they need to and as often as they need to; it’s really not up to us how our loved ones choose to communicate with us and when.  More importantly, I’d like to mention that while these RSMs “rock,” you should do the best that you can to be open to other types of messages, signs, or communications from your loved ones; other more subtle signs. Things like hearing your loved ones favorite song right at the moment you need a hug; seeing their favorite animal just when you were about to give up; seeing a message in a book that just happens to answer the question you have been thinking about.  These types of signs are pretty easy to miss when you are looking for only those rock star moments.  What I suggest is that you open your mind to receiving messages or signs from your loved ones in any form or fashion – rock star moment or subtle signs.  Wait, watch, listen, and marvel as the beauty of your connection unfolds.  Both the rock star moments and subtle signs are richly rewarding and offer many gifts, but it’s the smaller signs that are more plentiful and dependable.  Have fun with it!

For those of you who have experienced rock star moments but wish those RSMs happened differently, my advice to you is to take a step back and to do your best to feel very blessed that you have the experience to talk about and reflect on.  The beauty of a connection with your loved one is spectacular, even if it didn’t happen the way you had envisioned in your mind.  This goes in line with what I spoke about on last Wednesday’s radio show – allow things to occur exactly as they need to.  Sometimes we do everything we can to make something fit the way it isn’t meant to fit, and we end up disappointed in the end.  Let it go and be open to receiving any message or sign from your loved one just as it is meant to come.  Let go of expectations.  Let go of the idea of a rock star moment or a subtle sign.  Be open to either and allow it to happen.  Let go of the control of this remarkable connection that we are all so blessed to have when we allow it to happen.  I enjoy the signs and messages that I receive on nearly a daily basis, and I wish the same for you.

For those of you who have never experienced a rock star moment, you are probably wondering “why.” Why aren’t my loved ones reaching out to me? What am I doing wrong?  Why? Why? Why? First, it isn’t anything that you are doing wrong…I repeat, “you aren’t doing anything wrong!”  To keep it short and sweet (since this question could be a newsletter topic itself), chances are your loved ones are indeed reaching out to you.  Try to determine if you are focusing on or looking for a certain sign in a specific form, therefore, missing messages that may be coming in completely different.  You may also be in a position in your life, right now, where you may not yet be ready to see the messages.  Sometimes we need to heal first from the grief; sometimes we just need to find ourselves again (our true, divine high selves); sometimes we just need to have a little faith and let go of any expectations.  Once any of these things occur, this may open the floodgates to seeing the messages and signs that are coming in from your loved ones. 

I do believe that our loved ones are close by and are indeed engaging us in a very real way.  We need to be open to receiving messages from them; allow the signs to come to us in any form or fashion; believe that when we receive those subtle signs that it is indeed our loved ones reaching out; and be thankful for whatever type of connection we feel with our loved ones.  No matter how big or small the connection, sign, or message, each one is just as powerful as the other in its own way!  Remember that no sign is too small; no message is a coincidence; no connection is weak; no nothing!! Any sign, any message, any level of connection you have with your loved one on the other side is a miraculous spiritual connection between here (earth) and there (heaven)!!  It’s beautiful and you deserve this connection too!

Are you having a hard time knowing if different signs are indeed coming from your loved ones on the other side?

This is a great question and one that I get often.  Sometimes it’s difficult to know if the signs you see or the messages you receive are indeed from your loved ones on the other side.  What makes it so difficult is basically one thing…our mind.  Yep, that’s right, that good old mind of ours just waiting to throw a wrench in to truth and reality any chance it gets! 

Was that a sign?  Was that sign for me?  Was it real?  Was it my imagination?  And then after hearing those questions of doubt, you’ll then hear yourself thinking things like:  “That could’ve have been him or her.”  “I’m not supposed to be talking to the dead.”  “He or she probably wouldn’t come to me anyway.”  “That sign doesn’t seem like it would be one that my loved one would send me, so it must not be him or her.”  

Sound familiar?  I am sure your mind has thrown similar questions or thoughts your way at some point or another in your life – whether related to receiving messages from loved ones on the other side or for any area of your life.

The bottom line is, no matter the situation in life, the moment our mind gets involved; the moment those questions full of doubt, or fears, or worries come in to play; the moment we begin wondering if something like a sign from our loved ones on the other side is real or not; the moment this happens is when you need to tell your mind to, plain and simple, “shut-up!!” 

Now why would I say this?  Here’s why…and please let this one sink in to your bones for a moment.  Our mind is simply a tool (and a great one at that) and a wonderful gift from up above.  It’s smart; it’s creative; it’s logical; it’s a bunch of things.  Just like other tools (or organs) in our body that have a specific function to help keep us alive and kicking, our mind has a specific purpose too.  (And this purpose is ‘not’ to drive us nuts day-in and day-out, even though that often happens!)  We need to recognize the mind as a tool, and use it appropriately for things that are more logical and/or analytical.  Things like looking and understanding that when the light turns green, you can go.  Things like seeing and feeling the weather is warm outside, therefore, you grab your suit and go swimming.  Things like hitting the light switch because you want to turn the light on or off.  These are the things our mind is great for and should be used for.  There is no question we need this tool (or organ) to help us with each of these items and many more. 

So if the mind is a tool, and if our minds go crazy on us at times, what is it that tells us what step to take in life, what decisions to make, what path to follow?  Maybe you already know the answer to this question, but just in case you don’t please allow me to tell you (as if I wouldn’t!!).  It is our heart that should be guiding us, leading us, helping us to know and feel that a decision we make is being made from truth.  It is our heart that should be the radar on our roadway to life.  It is our heart that is connected to and is the closest to the Divine.  It is our heart that knows only Truth (with a capital “T”).  It is our heart that is the miraculous blessing or tool that sends messages, or “knowings” to our mind so our mind can help us understand or act on it.

When it comes to “feeling,” our heart is what will lead and guide us.  Our heart knows.  Be sure to follow your heart – always!  Have faith in this because your heart does indeed speak to you.  It’s a “knowing” that you will get, or a gut feel; you just know.  It is so very important to allow your heart and mind to work together.  We do need our mind, but it’s important for us to control it and use it when we need to versus it controlling us and filling us with doubts, worries, fears and everything else that makes us feel crazy!

So now that you have an understanding of how the mind can play along with us, or go against us with seeds of doubt, here’s your homework (for the rest of your time here on earth)…  Stop yourself (and your mind) when you begin questioning something that you know, deep within your heart, is true.  Tell your mind to shush when it tries to tell you that the flickering of the light on your nightstand is because of some electrical problem (versus your loved one reaching out to you).  Chances are if you really pay attention to your initial feelings at the very moment the light flickered, you’ll know and feel (deep in your heart) that it was your loved one reaching out to you.  It’s the feeling that comes along with this type of occurrence that helps you to know it was a sign from your loved one (feeling of comfort and peace).  It’s after that initial feeling (only a second or two later) when our mind tells us otherwise.  This is where the doubt comes in to play and then we aren’t quite sure if what we felt was real.  What you need to do is try to remember exactly what you felt at that very moment it happened.  Recognize the truth even though your mind may immediately jump to thoughts of doubt (remember this happens within one or two seconds of the occurrence so be sure to pay attention).  You’ll need to play with this and start recognizing the difference (i.e. is my heart telling me or helping me feel that this experience is true? Is my mind telling me that there is no way a light would flicker like this unless it was an electrical short?)

And for those who still aren’t sure because their mind is just too crazy (that’s me sometimes), then ask your loved one if that sign was from them.  Simply ask them to give you the same sign again if it really was them.  Or ask them to show you a different sign if it was them.  And when you ask, be patient, be open and have faith that you will hear from them.  We all hear from our loved ones on the other side; we just may not realize or believe it.

Good luck!

Isn’t it Amazing How Our Loved Ones on the Other Side are Reaching Out to the World?!

It’s a love / hate relationship for me…reality shows on TV have gotten a little out of control, but I must admit I enjoy watching a few here and there. One is the Bachelor / Bachelorette. I am not sure why exactly, but it catches my interest. Maybe because it makes me laugh at the silly / crazy things that occur on the show. Nonetheless, there was something very special and powerful about this last episode of Bachelorette. One of the two final men, Chris, had shared his story where he poured his heart out about the death of his Mom, which had occurred in the last two years. Time and time again when Chris and the bachelorette, Ali, were together, he spoke of his Mom, the wonderful relationship they had, and the fact that he had quit work to help his Dad take care of his Mom when she was ill. He talked about family values and the qualities of family relationships. Overall, he came across on the show as a very genuine, great guy.

As Chris shared the story of losing his Mom, he also mentioned that right before his Mom passed away she told him to look for her in rainbows; that she would come to him through them. Well, poor Chris was the one to be let go by Ali on the last show. Ali had chosen the other guy. Chris’ heart was broken, of course.

Now, here is the wonderful thing about this story. Not five minutes after Ali let him go, he stepped outside while in Tahiti and what did he see when he looked up at the sky…a rainbow!! He saw an absolute perfect, beautiful, full rainbow!! He was in awe. As he cried and smiled, he couldn’t believe his eyes because it had not rained at all that day. All that he could do was shake his head in pure amazement and look up to the sky to his Mom. Ali had also seen the rainbow as she walked back to her hut. She, too, cried and smiled, completely astonished. As she looked at the rainbow, she remembered what Chris had said about his Mom coming to him through this sign. She was so thankful that Chris’ Mom was there to help him through this trying time, as was Chris. The best part about this is the host of Bachelorette brought up this phenomenon with the rainbow and how touching it was during the “After the Final Rose” show. He even mentioned how everyone, affiliated with the production of the show, acknowledged the rainbow and its connection between Chris and his Mom, and how amazing it was.

Pretty powerful, right?! Or are you wondering why it is so powerful? Well, allow me to share my thoughts on why I think this is incredible, remarkable and a beautiful gift to all of us!!

How many guys do you know that will spill their guts about the death of a loved one during the first couple of meetings with a person? How many guys show their emotions after dating for a while, let alone shortly after meeting someone? I would say “not many.” Well, Chris didn’t fear telling the story of his Mom passing; he didn’t hold back even though he knew he’d get very emotional; AND, the best part about it is, he did all of this on national television!! By sharing such an emotional, deep experience with Ali, he remained close to his Mom in his own way. He opened himself up to receive a sign from his Mom, even though he didn’t realize a sign was coming (no one knew).

My point is, many of us experience some sort of connection with our loved ones who pass on, but we are all going to see and hear more and more of “connecting or communicating with loved ones on the other side” (on our own) from a more global perspective (if you will). The reason for this is because the world has to change; the world has to improve; something’s gotta give! What better way to bring a little hope, faith, strength, love and a touch to our hearts than to have something as powerful as connecting to a loved one on the other side for millions of viewers to see on national television?!! All that I can say is “WOW! THANK YOU GOD, YOUR ANGELS AND ALL OF OUR LOVED ONES ON THE OTHER SIDE” for reaching out to the world in ways such as this. The impact is huge! It is time for all of us to realize just how powerful, beautiful and inspiring it is to connect and communicate with our loved ones on the other side. I can guarantee you that Chris found the strength he needed to mend his heart after being let go by Ali, and he found and received it from his Mom — his Mom who is of the spiritual body!

My dear friends, this is what I call divine intervention! This is what I call a miracle for the world! This is what I call validation that connecting and communicating with our loved ones on the other side is indeed what we should be doing; that it is okay; that it is a way for us to receive strength, love, support, comfort, peace, faith, happiness, inspiration….you name it…..from above!!! WOW!

What else can I say?! I just love it! Enjoy reaching out to your loved ones and being inspired to do whatever it is that you desire in life!! God bless you all!

Do you “ask for help” when you need it? What about asking for help from your loved ones who have passed on?

Let’s think about the first question for a moment! Do you really ask for help when you need it? And if you do, do you ask for assistance with the little things in life, or only the big-ticket items? Should you only ask for help with the big challenges? Who or what defines ‘little’ vs. ‘big?’ And why segregate the size of the need; a need is a need! If you need help, you need help, period!

The fact of the matter is, only you can determine what is “big” or important enough to you and your situation. Only you can determine if you need help or not. No one else can do this for you! Nor can any belief or made-up rule (from who knows where) tell you if you should or should not ask for help. And just because the world has deemed certain things small, doesn’t mean they are insignificant to you. Personally, I don’t think any need for help should be categorized as big, small, important, unimportant, insignificant, or anything for that matter! After all, help is HELP! If you need help doing the dishes today simply because you are at your wits end and can’t seem to find one ounce of energy to pick up a fork, let alone scrub the dried up cheese and crust in the glass dish from that casserole you made, then “ask” for help from your spouse, your children, or a friend! Just because some people may view ‘doing the dishes’ as small, insignificant, or as a chore that you must do because this is your household that you are responsible for, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t extremely important to you, in combination with the number of other things in your life right now. Who knows, maybe doing those dishes this one time could be your breaking point from everything else building up in life! Just like the straw that broke the camel’s back. My point is this…no task, chore, challenge, ‘to do’ item…nothing is too small to be something in your life, in your situation, in your mix of challenges and everyday situations, that can’t be enough to ask someone else for help. If you don’t ask for help, how do you expect to find relief?

How about this one? Do you refrain from asking for help because you feel it is a sign of weakness on your part? Do you feel you are a burden if you ask for assistance? If you answered yes to either of these questions, I ask you to please ‘stop!’ We are all crazy for thinking that we can’t ask for help. We are all nuts if we think it is a sign of weakness to ask for help. We have all lost our minds completely if we think we can do it all ourselves. Life is too fast paced; life is too short; life is full of too many challenges, situations and experiences, that we can’t waste our time and energy on things we know others can help us with – much more quickly than we can do ourselves.

So, here’s the big bang…not only should you indeed be asking for help from those around you – family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors – you should most certainly be asking for help from your loved ones on the other side! Not only do our loved ones who pass on want to be remembered, they want to help us where they can and where it does not affect our life lessons or life mission. It’s important to understand that our deceased loved ones cannot intervene or help us with something that interferes with the lessons or experiences that we must go through in our life to help us with our mission and to help us grow as individuals. However, for those other situations or challenges that creep up in life for whatever reason, they can help to resolve and dissolve them. So go ahead, ask for help! And see what happens. Keep in mind that you should leverage their assistance when you absolutely need some relief, however, don’t get obsessed with it.

Good luck with finding some relief in your crazy, busy life!

Are You Overwhelmed with Emotions from the Loss of a Loved One, or from Life Itself?

Do you ever wonder why your life is the way it is? Or why certain things happen to you, but don’t seem to happen to others? Do you feel sort of stuck where you are? I get it! I’ve been there done that, as I am sure many of you have as well. I would like to suggest an exercise that, for me, has been tremendously powerful and has helped me shift the energy, for any situation, so I could move forward in a healthier, happier manner.

It’s called the Acceptance exercise! It is all about accepting yourself, your life, your experiences, your challenges, your emotions, and yes, even accepting those days that just plain stink!! After all, life is full of ups and downs, as well as experiences that help us grow and learn (even if some of those experiences cause us so much pain).

So instead of being a continuous “boo-boo kitty” (sometimes it’s actually good to be one!) when you are having a bad day, or even a bad year, try accepting that things aren’t exactly as you’d like them right now. Accept it for what it is. When you accept things for what they are, you are actually allowing the energy to shift for your highest purpose. (Just like I’ve talked about letting go of your loved one [but not forgetting them]. When you let them go, you allow them to fly free so they can fly back in to your world when you ask them to.) Accepting everything in your life is very similar from an energetic perspective. By accepting things as they are, you allow that energy to shift and move forward.

To do this, you want to voice your acceptance statements out loud and mean them when you say them. Feel the anger, sadness, happiness or whatever emotion behind each statement. Get that energy out and moving. Start every statement with “I accept the fact that….” — see below for examples. You will obviously come up with your own. Make these statements about everything. Say them whenever you want to — all day long if you have to. Any time you are feeling bad or questioning the next move, or even doubting yourself, accept every single emotion for what it is. Don’t try to change the emotion and certainly don’t question it — just accept it. It is okay to have fear and to have many different emotions. Accept each emotion and experience so you can move beyond it.

Here are a few examples. Make-up your own and when you are ready, state them out loud! Make them very specific based on your situation, challenges, feelings, everything in your life. It is very powerful.

“I accept the fact that I am afraid of …” (you should make a statement for each fear)
“I accept the fact that everything I’ve gone through in life is what it is – I can’t change it, but I can learn and grow from it.”
“I accept the fact that I am having a terrible day!”
“I accept the fact that I have no idea what my future holds and this scares the jeepers out of me!”
“I accept the fact that my loved one is no longer here physically, but is close by in spirit.”
“I accept the fact that I am so angry at … whoever you may be angry with.”

Here is a very simple story to help you understand how acceptance can help you shift energy and allow things to work out the way they need to. When my youngest son was born, my oldest son adjusted as best he could. After six months, my oldest son (age 2 at the time) decided he no longer wanted to take naps. Now you may be thinking, “hey, some kids stop taking naps around that age.” Well, not my little guy. He is one that still needs a nap, otherwise, he becomes a monster (and believe me, it’s not pretty to watch your son turn in to something completely different in a split second!) So I tried and tried to get him to nap. I dreaded every day when it came to nap time. I got tense; I got stressed out; and I even lost my patience sometimes. This went on for weeks, and I was about to lose my mind (especially when he did every single thing that he knew was not right and it was purely because he was exhausted).

Finally, I remembered to take my own advice and just accept it for what it was. I started saying, “I accept the fact that my son does not want to take a nap even though a nap re-energizes him and keeps him in a happy mood (and Mom too)!” As soon as I started accepting it for what it was without trying so darn hard to change it, he then started taking naps again (poof, wa-la!). It is amazing to me how “accepting” things just the way they are really helps a person through the different challenges in life.

I make my acceptance statements for basically everything in life. It has proven to shift the energy, as well as lift my spirits and turn the situation around for the highest good of all. Give it a try! I think you’ll be surprised by the power behind something so simple and easy to do! Good luck!

Living for Two — A Way To Overcome Your Grief

Living for two can be done at any age or level of healing and for any reason. Although my adventures are now more in the vein of celebration, honoring your loved one can greatly help speed up your grieving process and healing, as you’re about to see…

Perhaps you’ve heard of a 12-year-old boy named Aaron from Lexington Park, MD. Aaron now lives for two as a way to overcome his grief. He lost his twin brother, Eric, to brain cancer when the boys were only nine.

“From the womb, Aaron and Eric were inseparable,” their mother Angela told Nate Berkus for a taping of the Oprah show. “In the sonogram we saw once, they were holding hands.” The boys did everything together and the loss of his brother sent Aaron into a debilitating depression in which he lost his will to live.

Their insightful pediatrician, Dr. Corder, didn’t prescribe medication, as many doctors would have. Instead she asked Aaron, “What do you like to do?” When he answered that he liked to cook, she said, “We’re gonna cook for your brother.” She gave Aaron $20, and, as his first investor, asked him for a business plan. His mother says the change was immediate. “He was grinning ear to ear” on the car ride home. He made a shopping list and immediately started baking cookies in honor of Eric.

His company, Dough Jangles, was officially started with a delivery of a tray of cookies to Dr. Corder’s office, with an official list of how he’d spent her money.

Aaron and his mother bake the cookies and sell them. His big brother, Bryce, gets a fee for helping out as well. A portion of the proceeds go to the charities that helped them when Eric was sick. His brother is never far from Aaron’s thoughts as he bakes. “I think he would be proud of me,” he says. “I think he’d be happy that I didn’t just give up.”

Wouldn’t your loved one be happy you didn’t give up? Take some time to really think about what your loved one would want you to do. I am sure they want you to pick up the pieces, get a grip on yourself, and reach deep within your heart and soul to find the strength and energy to move forward with life. After all, you are still here with the opportunity to live life. So, why not live for the two of you?! Why not move forward and experience the things you may not have otherwised experienced had your loved one not passed away?!

For me, I’m convinced I’d never have experienced skydiving, or the many other adventures in my life, had my sister not died. She gives me the courage to take risks and experience life to the fullest! When I’m not doing something adventurous, I’m still open to inspiration. Sometimes I feel like eating Snyder’s bar-b-q chips for no apparent reason other than because my sister loved them and I imagine she’s having a carnal craving. I celebrate her favorite color purple by wearing it when the spirit moves me. I run through fall leaves because that’s what we used to do and because I can, or I rock out to Journey because something deep inside says she’d love that right now. As I feel the music thumping through my veins, I swear I can feel her dancing behind the beats.

What adventures would you take if you knew you were protected from above? What dreams would you dare to dream? Think about how your life could expand if and when you let go of your fear and Live for Two!

It’s something to think about…

“Why” Connect to Your Loved Ones on the Other Side? What’s the Purpose?

I always get asked the question, “Why?” Why would I want to connect to my loved ones on the other side? My quick, short answer is because you can AND by doing so, you receive glorious gifts, blessings and miracles. These gifts come in many shapes, forms and sizes; some you may not even recognize right now. Let’s go for a journey through stories to help you understand.

Ever wonder how you got the last parking spot in the mall parking lot? The best seat in the café? Or, who put that money in the meter right before you got there? Things that fall into place feel divinely guided, and often are. If you’re like me, when you’re late and rushing, you still attempt to squeeze in a last errand before picking up the kids. Some days I begin to panic, but calm myself down and get the feeling that my sister (who passed on) surrounds me. That’s when I know there’s a spot up ahead. Sure enough, a car leaves just as I get into position. Other auspicious happenings always seem to follow suit. Like hitting every green light or getting the kids into the car one second before it starts pouring down rain!

This isn’t luck, people. It’s divine. I call these angelic gifts from above. I receive these blessings so often that I lose count when I don’t track them by jotting them down in a journal. I’ve found that taking time to record and review these events and to say “thank you for everything” to my Angel friends renews my faith and energizes me. I’ve come to depend on this type of good fortune.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed an increase in these heavenly messages in your life since your loved one passed away? Maybe you find yourself driving in your car, thinking about a decision you need to make or a question you have, and you get the “answer” through a message on the radio, a sign, or a knowingness. These perfectly timed answers help me move forward just when I need them. Let’s take a look at more examples that will hopefully help you notice your own even more…

My sister’s favorite number was “310.” (I know, odd, huh? Especially since it was years later that Los Angeles, the “City of Angels,” adopted this number as one of its area codes.) I see this number on license plates in front of me, on billboards or buildings on my way to work, or in glancing at my clock just when I need a sign. Sure enough, the big, bold, red digital numbers “310” glow bright on the panel as if validating my question or concern. Another sign I often receive is her favorite song, “Don’t Stop Believing,” by Journey. She lets me know she’s nearby when, as if by magic, the band serenades me through the airwaves.

These smaller, yet more frequent signs are the most obvious. The ones I know to look for. I like to call them my Very Important Angel signs, or my VIA’s. They boost my confidence and reassure me. Still, it’s easy to go through the day without recognizing these sweet signs that could be as small as a flower or as innocent as a hummingbird. (Sometimes, as if to get my attention, they’ll be obvious like lightning.) Sure, you don’t need signs in order to make decisions, but isn’t it refreshing knowing you have this spirit support?!

Play with this: The next time you’d like angelic confirmation or guidance, make a call to your loved one on the other side and ask for a sign. Then wait patiently, stay open and watchful. The answers just may be whirling around you.

Connecting to your loved ones on the other side can take you from wherever you are in your relationship to a loved one that has died, whether it was last week or twenty years ago, and help you plug back in. Into their energy, their vibration, their heart, their soul. And, in such a way that you can receive guidance from them, help heal the past (both yours and theirs), fulfill their or your unfinished dreams, heal patterns, take healthy risks, mend hearts, and move forward with new strength and clarity. In essence, create freedom for you both. Imagine, a refreshing perspective of death in which you’ll find comfort and peace knowing that after-life connections are very, very real.

I leave you with the ultimate of these gifts, blessings and miracles – that is, my view of the ripple effects of connecting with your loved ones on the other side!
From my sister’s and my heavenly connection, I have more faith.
** With more faith, I believe in myself at a deeper level.
** With profound belief, my self-confidence expands.
** With increased confidence, it’s easier to take risks and leaps of faith.
** Through taking risks and leaps of faith, I experience more, achieve more, and receive more glorious gifts and blessings.
** Achieving and receiving lifts my spirit and makes me more positive.
** Being more positive makes me desire more good, period.
** Desiring more good is a driving force to keep the faith and continue my two-way communication.
** Continuing this communication makes me feel alive, connected, and supported–the place where all peace resides.

Take what feels right to you! And have fun!!

How Do You Prepare Yourself to Connect and Receive Messages from Your Deceased Loved Ones?

Great question! How about these as well?! Have you tried connecting with your loved ones on the other side, but haven’t received any signs, messages, or responses back? Are you receiving messages that make you feel uncomfortable, as if it is coming from someone you don’t know? Are you wondering if you are doing everything right?

First, there is no right or wrong way in which to connect with your loved ones. Each of you will determine the best approach that’s right for you. As you learn more and more tips and techniques to try, you will move forward with whatever feels comfortable to you. So, please remember – you are doing everything exactly as you are supposed to for you, your life and your highest purpose! (Don’t forget, everything happens for a reason. If things don’t occur exactly as you have mapped out in your mind, don’t be disappointed. Everything will happen in divine time and in a divine way. We do not have control over this!) So don’t beat yourself up when you don’t initially receive the signs you are expecting. At the same time, don’t be surprised if you establish that connection quickly.

Now that we got that out of the way…before you can get started with connecting to your loved ones on the other side, it is extremely important to be in a good place energetically, spiritually and emotionally. When we are dealing with lots of emotions as a result of losing a loved one, or simply from day-to-day challenges, we can unknowingly lessen or block our ability to communicate with the spiritual realm. You may not even realize that your energy level isn’t where it should be due to outside influences, interferences, or your own deep emotions. In addition, if you are around negative-type situations, people, or environments, you can also pick up energies that aren’t yours or aren’t for your highest purpose. All of these hindrances will ‘muddy the waters’ of any connection between you and your loved ones.

So, in order to connect to your loved ones, you first need to get in to a relaxed state. Take, at a minimum, three very deep cleansing breaths while in a comfortable, serene environment (the more, the better). Deep breaths are extremely important to help you get out of your mind and in to your heart. The deep breaths also allow your body to relax so it can (more easily) let go of anything that isn’t good for you. Next, you will actually clear yourself of all things (energies, souls, discordant entities, fear-based entities, etc.) that are not for your highest purpose. To do this, I personally work with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and other angels and saints on a daily basis to clear me, protect me and prepare me to connect with and receive signs from the other side. I perform a prayer and clearing step to ensure I am indeed connecting with only those I wish to communicate with and other souls are not interfering with or blocking the connection. The protection from the archangels brings me comfort as I access the spiritual world. Archangel Michael and Raphael are the angels whose primary responsibility is to clear, protect, and heal us at all levels. They can also help prepare you to see, hear, smell and feel your connection with your loved one on the other side. If you do not feel comfortable working with Angels or Archangels, you can follow along and fill in the name of your Higher Power (mine happens to be God and His Angels).

Just a further note and suggestion to everyone for your overall well-being (not just related to connecting to a loved one), I highly recommend you perform a clearing on yourself every single day. In fact, if you are in or around harsh, negative, emotional, or uncontrollable situations or people, you may need to perform a clearing multiple times a day. The clearing is simple. It just costs you a few minutes of time, but the rewards are great since you are in a much better place energetically, spiritually and emotionally. So give it a try!

Here are two sample prayers to clear and protect you as you reach out to your loved ones on the other side.

Archangel Michael I call upon you now. Please surround me with white light and the powerful protection of God. Please clear me of all discordant entities, energies and souls that are not for my highest purpose. Please guide me and protect me as I reach out to communicate with < >. Help me to be open to receive messages from < >. Thank you for your help, guidance and protection.

Archangel Raphael I call upon you now. Please surround me in your emerald green healing energy. Heal and release me of any fears, anger, guilt, interferences, or anything that may block me from connecting to < > and receiving messages or gifts from him/her. Thank you for this healing.

Again, these are sample prayers. You will come up with whatever wording feels comfortable to you. Take what feels right. Just make sure you are working to be at a higher vibrational level from an energetic, spiritual and emotional perspective. This ensures you have a better chance of connecting to and receiving messages from your loved ones. Once you have performed this clearing, you should now be in a state of mind to simply just start talking to your loved ones about everything and anything! Most importantly, be open to receiving a response from them. Have fun with it and have faith that you will connect!!

Living for Two!

That’s right!! Living for two, baby!!! This is my motto and has been for 23 years – ever since my sister died. Sound crazy?! Maybe, but not once you understand what I mean when I say I am living for two!
As a 15 year old experiencing death for the first time when my sister passed, I could’ve decided to bury my feelings and remain in a state of denial and shock. I could’ve decided to quit school and wallow in my grief for the rest of my life. I could’ve lost my will to live especially since my teenage sister, my very close friend, would not be able to experience life with me. I could’ve decided to do these things, and believe me I did for a few weeks, but I realized that my sister wouldn’t want that for me. I realized how blessed she and I were (and still are) – I, for having the opportunity to “live” any way that I choose, and she, for becoming an Angel of God on the other side.
So I stood with conviction and decided I would live for two. I would be adventurous for two; I would be successful for two; I would do everything for two!! And I have and continue to do so! Many of my decisions in life have been based on my desires and aspirations, as well as my sister’s dreams. I decided that if she could endure countless days, weeks and months of pain from her illness, I could at least step out in to the world and do my very best at accomplishing my desires, as well as living out what she didn’t have a chance to do. Adventures like skydiving, hot air balloon rides, parasailing, quad riding, black diamond skiing, slalom skiing – you name it, I did it for the two of us! These adventures are ones that we used to talk about when she was alive. The important thing to remember is I didn’t do these things alone. I do not do anything alone. My sister is right here by my side providing me the confidence boost and courage I need to take every step in life. When you connect with your loved ones, you too will receive miraculous inspiration to live life to the fullest!

Do the Deceased Really Provide Us Inspiration & How?

You better believe it!! Our loved ones on the other side are there for that reason – to provide us energy, love, peace, confidence and inspiration to live life to the fullest! They are working to bring a bit of heaven in to our lives as much as possible. Our loved ones know what it’s like to be here on earth experiencing everyday challenges, illnesses, decision making, failures and successes. They know all about it. They also know the world needs to get back on track with more honesty, faith, trust and unconditional love. What better way to provide this, than to send some of this gloriousness to us from heaven! That’s what our loved ones want to do for us! In fact, they are already doing it but sometimes we choose not to recognize or receive these gifts for whatever reason. (BTW, that’s a whole other conversation for another time.)
You see, I firmly believe that when a person dies – no matter their age or the cause of death – they leave because they can be of more help to us from the other side than they can from here. I know this is a hard one to swallow, but it is true. Not only do our loved ones want to be remembered, they want to remain close to us and, most importantly, want to lend a hand where they can. Now I am not suggesting that our loved ones can resolve all issues and provide us the winning lottery numbers, but they sure can provide us inspiration to move forward with our life. “How?” You wonder. Let me provide you an example.
My oldest sister, who is very much alive, had been struggling in her marriage for years. Her heart was telling her it’s time to move on. Her mind was tricking her with shame of a broken marriage; guilt for different experiences throughout her marriage; fear of what others would think; as well as whether divorce was the right decision for her and her children. Her mind played tricks for a very long time and she was exhausted. One night she got in to bed in a very depressed state and she cried to our sister and grandmother on the other side. She asked them to give her a sign that this was the right decision for everyone involved. Suddenly she felt a hand run through her hair. She felt an overwhelming peace throughout her body. She immediately felt our grandmother in the room and also smelt her scent. She cried a happy cry and with their inspiration and vote of confidence from the other side, she has moved on with her life and is living it to the fullest!!