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Kathleen A. Wagner, 1969 - 1987

Kathy, honey, my little fuzz:

Even though you gave up your life when we were teenagers, you left behind countless blessings. Now it’s my turn to give back to you. It’s my honor—a true gift and blessing—to tell your (our) story, and to share with others how we’ve grown together, and healed each other from one dimension to the next, despite our apparent “distance.”

I wouldn’t be the person I am today—a fulfilled mom of two and a successful businesswoman—if it wasn’t for you and our relationship since you journeyed back to heaven. I’ve never doubted that you left this physical plane to help those you love from the other side; your angelic imprint is everywhere and a constant in our lives. Thank you for caring for us so deeply, and for being my inspiration, role model, guidance councilor, (and I mean, in every sense of the word), my best friend.

I hope you enjoy this journey back in time for the purpose of helping others achieve what we have—a joyous two-way connection in which I continue your work here on Earth (living for two, baby!), and you never cease guiding, entertaining, and blessing us beyond belief. You are my secret weapon, my staunchest ally, my heavenly eyes and ears. I can’t wait to share with readers all you’ve taught me so that they, too, can have what we have with their loved ones who have “passed on.”

I have experienced moments of intense pain reliving your passing for this book, but you’ve shown me over the years that it’s all part of the canvas of a beautiful life. Death is, after all, a part of life for all of us. I’ve come to see that it’s not some horrible “end” to be feared but a true beginning to be celebrated. Thank you for showing me how to celebrate life after life, to open my heart to love, and to profoundly understand the passing from this world to yours.

I love you so very much, my forever angel sister. From my heart and soul to yours.

Now, let’s go forth and spread a little of your stardust…

                          Love always,
                          GYB, Your Little Sis
                          Thanksgiving, 2009


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