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What Are Debbie's Clients Say?

“Once in a while a sleeper sneaks in—a book so unique it cannot be categorized. Closer Than You Think is just such a book. No, this is not the usual grief book on how to handle the death of a loved one. It is not even one of those stories about an individual on this side of the curtain channeling what a loved one says from ‘the other side.’ Such books have real value, but this one has more. Way more. Weaving all kinds of stories in and through her own, Deborah Heneghan covers every aspect of death and dying, life and living in a heart-filled, uplifting, and totally unique and wonderful way. What she has created is a caring and compassionate guidebook like nothing else I've ever read. She's done us a favor. She's opened up our hearts with this book… so we can see what's inside.”
 ~ P. M. H. Atwater, LHD, author of The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences and Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story


“With a confident voice, a sense of humor, and wisdom borne of painful loss, author Deborah Heneghan speaks clearly of dealing with grief by trusting and learning how loved ones communicate and help us after they die. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to read more miracle stories of how famous and not-famous people received endearing messages or how a deceased father pulled his famous son out of a burning car. Miracles happen, and we still grieve and feel pain for those we have loved and lost. Heneghan provides a voice of truth and inspiration to handle grief, accept life, and have faith in your continued connection and communication with a loved one. Her ten fundamentals are guidelines for healing yourself and helping others along the way. This is not another grief recovery book; this is a celebration of love and life in all realms, and I give it 10 stars!”
 ~ Dr. Caron Goode, author of Kids Who See Ghosts and Raising Intuitive Children

“I have the pleasure of talking with this amazing author…. After reading your book, I’m fascinated by the fact that we don’t even know what we don’t know. I have more information about how I can show up in the world because of your book. I love how you teach those to look at situations and be able to find the nugget in it. There is a place of gratitude that we go to when we can find that nugget. I want to thank you so much, not just for being on the show, but for doing what you do. For helping so many people open their hearts and to just let all of us understand that there really are things greater than ourselves walking around in this human skin, so thank you so much for that and for you!”
~ Dr. Pat Baccili, CEO and Host of The Dr. Pat Show and Owner, Unlimited Possibilities Now, Inc.
(www.TheDrPatShow.com) Internationally recognized expert in the human potential field who makes a positive difference helping others realize their dreams. Dr. Pat's show syndicates and/or is live on many internet and actual radio stations including: KKNW AM1150 in Seattle, CBS Radio, Dish Network, Comcast cable, Direct TV, AOL Radio, Blog Talk Radio, Voice America among many other stations.

"I have interviewed Debbie Heneghan and did a coaching session with her. Debbie is an amazing intuitive. She is articulate, warm, compassionate and her work is to help others deal with loss in their current relationships and with those who have passed, to offer positive perspectives and hope. After working with Debbie, I felt renewed, rejuvenated and ready to take the next positive steps. I highly recommend Debbie as a talk show guest, speaker, and coach."
~ Patricia Raskin,
host of "Patricia Raskin Positive Living" on Cumulus Broadcasting and CEO of Raskin Resources Productions, Inc.

“You are a fascinating woman. You are teaching about a great subject… one that a lot of people need. Thank you for sharing.”
~ Arielle Ford, President, The Ford Group

One of the nation's leading book publicists, and a marketing expert, producer, author, literary agent and consultant. She has catapulted many authors and celebrities to stardom (including Deepak Chopra; Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen - creators of the Chicken Soup for Soul series; and Neale Donald Walsch - author of Conversations with God.)  

“The perfect reminder that our loved ones on the other side are closer than we think. All you need to do is open your heart and mind to the signs and signals.”
 ~ Jenniffer Weigel, author of I'm Spiritual, Dammit! and Stay Tuned


"Fascinating new stories that show us life continues on the other-side."
 ~ Jacky Newcomb, Sunday Times of London, bestselling author of An Angel Saved My Life

"Every time I talk with Deb, She always makes me feel uplifted and optimistic about the benevolence of the universe"
~ Linda Sivertsen
   Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author

“Ms. Heneghan is a dynamic and engaging speaker. I have been in attendance during several of her speeches. Her insight and hope-inspiring messages are so needed in today's world. Her work is making an impact and her energy is infectious!”
~ Rev. Marjorie Rivera, www.moonstonemediums.com

“Debbie, I can certainly see why you are so impassioned to publicly speak. Your messages are so powerful, and so captivating.... I could not take my eyes off of you. God has certainly blessed you in such a special way. There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to lead you exactly where you are needed most!!!”
~ Karen Schreibeis, PA
    Client Testimonial

“That’s what I like about your book. You take the hocus pocus out of it… it’s very real.”
~ Brent Holland, Host of the Night Fright Show

"I've read several books and sought out resources to bring comfort after the loss of both my boys, my only children, but this book really hit home with me. After reading it, I couldn't wait for my next inspirational moment. It will give you "God Bumps" (goosebumps) and just shows us more and more how much our loved ones adore and love us sooooo much!"
~ Kim, PA

"Reading your newsletters and now your book have really changed my life! It is one of the most powerful and life-altering books that I have ever read. Thank you so much for sharing your stories as well as those of others who are missing loved ones in spirit! I am so happy that there are other people in this world who truly believe in the afterlife! It is so very comforting!"
~Karla, MI


"Dear Deb....just had to tell you how grateful I am to have been led to read "Closer Than You Think." It validated so many of the experiences I have had in the year (on May 23rd) since I lost my beloved soulmate of 43 years. Your book has helped me to trust this more. Again thank you for your uplifting book, and thanks for listening. I hope you will continue to write."
~ Sue

"I have this book right by my bed and read it often. I have a lot of family that is gone and went at a young age, so, many of the stories reached out and touched me! Just the way it was written made me feel like there are a lot of people who know the grief of losing a loved one, and the joy of the least little feeling of knowing they are always here in such a special way. A couple friends got the book after just reading a few pages from my book, and they love it too. Such an easy and relaxing read that often brings smiles and hope that our loved ones are with us! I'll be looking for another book by Ms.Heneghan soon. In the mean time this book has a lot of ear marks to re-read when ever i need a smile!"
~ Bonnie, OHIO

"Your book is so good that I don't want to finish it! I have had several friends who have lost loved ones in the last 2 months and I have given each one a copy of your book."
~ Karla

"Awesome, great, wonderful book. Well written, sensitive and enlightening. I plan on sharing this book with a dear friend who recently lost her sister."
~ Judy

"This was a great Spiritually uplifting book! If you are grieving or want to learn how to connect with your loved ones on the other side, this is the book for you. Had awesome stories from people who have gotten signs from their loved ones and how you can do the same. It was very well written and a joy to read."
~ Missy

"I purchased this book for two reasons. 1) It was written by the daughter of a co-worker of mine, and 2) because I have felt that I've never gotten closure after my father's death six years ago. I love the way Deborah wrote as though she were sitting right there in the room with her readers, an easy familiar tone that made me want to keep reading right through to the end. And when I got to the end, I didn't want it to be over. I enjoyed the book so much that I felt compelled to order another copy for a friend who has been struggling to come to terms with the loss of her son. Closer Than You Think reinforces my personal belief that death is not final and there is more out there than some of us realize. I'm still waiting for that sign from family members who have passed on. But then again, maybe I'm just not realizing they've been there all along."
~ Lori

"This is a must read! A wonderful compilation of stories of those who have received messages or signs from their loved ones on the other side. The tips and techniques provided are very helpful and I use them everyday in my life in general and also to recognize signs and messages from my loved ones on the other side. I could not put the book down and I am waiting for more!!!!"
~ Cindy

"I know the author and Deb has always been a very positive person - never realized how much she was in touch with her sister. I guess I need to listen and pay more attention to my surroundings - have never felt or heard messages from my relatives who have passed on. Deb gives me a whole new perspective."
~ Anonymous



“Your guidance, advice & experiences are refreshing and truly inspirational. You have helped me to see life and my experiences from a new, more positive perspective. My life has changed for the better and I can’t thank you enough!”
~ Mary, Texas

"Debbie, once again, thanks so much for taking the time to write to me, as well as, give me words of encouragement. You just don't know how much it means to me. All advice and guidance concerning Alex is greatly appreciated! This is especially true when I am having a bad day....such as the day I am having today! Your words gave me something to think about. Thanks so much!"
~ Marguerite, Pennsylvania

"Hi, Debbie: You started everything in time for me to find you when I needed help and hope to go on when my husband passed earlier this year. Whenever I emailed you, you have been there for me with suggestions and also thoughts to think about to find out more about myself. Every time you write me you are like a real friend, not just like somebody who is telling me how to feel. I will always remember your kindness and the help and hope you are giving me. Lee"
~ Lee, North Carolina

"Debbie, Jack and I both appreciate so very much the care and concern you have extended to us as we endeavor to find our way through this mysterious lifetime we share! I think I can speak for Jack also when I say "You are truly an Angel on Earth" ! I can't thank you enough for taking the time and effort to give Jack and I such love empowered support! We discussed many of the ideas and exercises you presented! And I have encouraged him to attempt to listen to some of your past programs over the weekend! Thank you for being you and all that you do for others! You are Amazing and as I said before have performed MIRACLES!!!!! You are a huge blessing to all of us fortunate enough to have been touched by your caring heart. You have given me a much needed boost physically, emotionally, and spiritually!"
~ Pam, Maryland

“I have been following Debbie on her website, listening to her radio shows and took part in her 3-week teleseminar, and her insight and guidance has been so valuable to me. I have started to use the tools and techniques and can't thank her enough for what she’s doing. It has made a huge impact on my life. Thank you, Debbie, for giving me the courage and strength to embark on this journey for myself and my loved ones that have passed on. It’s wonderful!”
~ Cindy, Ohio

“I called Deb at one of the hardest points in my life, and she helped me to see that a recent lost loved one was not only everywhere around me, but protecting me as well. In seeing the ‘evidence’ I felt immediately nourished.”
~Natalie, Los Angeles

"Your show was awesome! Really! I felt peace and happiness just listening to the stories and your guidance. I even felt inspired to speak out to my loved ones on the other side. I cannot wait to tune in next week. This is truly your calling!"
~ Missy, Pennsylvania


"Life is strange in the way things happen and come together. I was awoken early this morning to be told that my mother has passed away. Knowing I would not be able to get back to sleep, I came down to my office and turned on my computer. In my email there was a message from Debbie. She just completed the production on her first TV interview and wanted me to post it on her website. I’m her webmaster! Oddly as I started to make the updates, I watched the video, as I normally do to check quality, but I found myself watching it again and again. Debbie, I can not describe the comfort you have given to me in this time of loss. I am so thankful we have crossed paths. Thank You."

~ Jim,  Pennsylvania


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